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Gm Station is a community-driven podcast where artists, collectors, developers, curators, and newbies discuss about the benefits of Web3 in the art world.

We are learning together

We are building the NextGen peer-to-peer decenralized artistic community breaking silos between the very restricted art world and new generations. From setting up a crypto wallet to learning the basics of generative art, we are helping each other navigate and succeed in the NFT space. Only a few visual artists from the traditional art world are introduced to the benefits of WEB3. The majority struggled to make a living in the traditional art industry because they were dependant on intermediaries. Let's not make the same mistakes!

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We are building together

WEB3 is giving back the power to creators. But to find success in this digital space, artists need to master different skills and techniques such as marketing, community management and learning how to use different web3 services. It can be intimidating for many. Therefore, educating artists and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the space should be at the top of our priorities. The best way to learn is to be in the action. That's why we learn together while building decentralized art events in the Metaverse and IRL.

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