NFTs and DAOs in the art world X French Institute of Finland


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The evening will be dedicated to Art From Future DAO, founded by Jessy S. a french artist and entrepreneur based in Helsinki, with an exhibition of digital artworks on the Blockchain (art NFTs). For the first time in Finland, people will be able to discover the works of some crypto art OG's physicially, such as the artworks by Luluxxx and Systaime.

Many artists and art professionals didn't get an opportunity to be introduced to the benefits of NFTs. This evening is dedicated to people who want to learn more about this new technology and how it can be used to create a better art world.

The program

5 - 5.40 pm.: panel discussion

- An introduction to Art From Future? Jessy.S / Leila Q.

- What is an NFT in the art world? Jessy S. / Leila Q.

- NFTs potentials for artists and institutions. Emma K.

-Jenni Pasanen's journey as an NFT artist. Jenni Pasanen/Jessy.S

5.40 p.m - 7 p.m: cocktail + networking

List of artists exhibited during this event:

Luluxxx, Systaime, Jenni Pasanen, Violeta Forest, Hermine Bourdin, Ugo, Alohaleila, JessyJeanne, Megan Laurent, Ethel Lilienfeld, Mélissa Martinez, Popeye Pazuru, Marzipan Physics, CryptoClay, Marine Bléhaut, FARAH, Sisslug-



  • Jessy S: she's the founder of Art From Future DAO, co-founder of Gxrls revolution, and also an artists, collectors and curator in web3
  • Leila Qribi: she's a web3 consultant, events manager at Art From Future, and also an artist, collector and curator in web3
  • Emma Kirjavainen: she's an NFT specialist



At the French Institute of Finland


About Art From Future

Art From Future is a global community of web3 artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and novices breaking silos between the very restricted art world and new generations thanks to web3.

The mission is to build an engaged community helping each other navigate in the NFT space while building decentralized art events in the Metaverse and IRL.

Art From Future is redefining the way artists get access to education, artistic opportunities and earn a living doing what they love without the need for intermediaries or gatekeepers.


This event was made my possible by Jessy.S and Leila Qribi from Art From Future - and in partnership with l'Institut Français de Finlande