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Welcome to Gm Station, Art From Future's podcast where artists, collectors, developers, curators, and newbies discuss about the benefits of Web3 in the art world.
Hosted by JessyJeanne and MarizpanPhysics, Sisslug, Dim, Marine Bléhaut and many more.

Today Dimitri Doradoux and JessyJeanne are happy to discuss with Dimitri Daniloff a multi-award-winning photographer from France. Dimitri's concepts create a paradoxical atmosphere that has seduced the biggest brands and led him to work with the Daft Punks.

Gm station: Renate Frotscher, a ceramic artist creating sculptures for the Metaverse

Today JessyJeanne is happy to discuss with Renate Frotscher an artist based in France. Renate is an artist creating ceramics for the Metaverse. Every Wednesday's at 4 p.m CET you can virtually meet and greet with her inside her spatial gallery!


Gm station: Violeta Forest, a digital artist exploring the intersections of technology & cuteness

Today Sisslug and JessyJeanne are happy to discuss with Violeta Forest an artist based in Miami Florida. She co-founded Cybertwee a collective that explores the intersections of technology & cuteness. 
She’s a digital artist selling her artworks as NFTs on teia, Foundation, and FxHash.Violeta’s artistic practice revolves around around new techniques with emerging technologies, such as Web Art, Game/Virtual Reality Art, and GAN art, to name a few medias.


Gm station: CryptoClay a French crypto artist playing with clay and stop-motion

Today, Dimitri Doradoux and JessyJeanne are happy to discuss with CryptoClay a French artist whose art revolves around clay modelling and stop-motion. He’s passionate about virtual reality, and he uses immersive 3D software to create colourful sculptures and abstract universes. 

Crypto Clay's art can be found on several blockchains such as Tezos, ETH and Bitcoin (Counterparty). He is also known for his numerous Pepe derivatives.

Gm station: Nickelly Garbaje, a digital artist and EMO girl from Brazil

Today, Sisslug and JessyJeanne are happy to discuss with Nickelly Garbaje an experimental multi-media artist from Brazil whose works mainly revolves around digital art. Nickelly likes to describe herself as an EMO girl and digital artist, and is part of several communities on Tezos such as Hivemind_xyz and Magma_xyz. 

Gm station: Arbstein a 3D artist and he love for plants

Today we are happy to discuss with Ana Rubenstein aka Arbstein an artist from Argentina. She mostly makes 3d art and she also loves to draw pretty much anything that contains plants in it.

Gm station: how to build your web3 personal brand while making art and not going nuts?

Today’s podcast is led by French artist from our community Marine Bléhaut, and we’re going to speak about how to create your personal brand as an artist while also making art without burning out.

Gm station: Archimicia a Metaverse architect in Monaverse

Today, Marzipan and I are super excited to have a chat with our special guest: Amanda Mariano aka Archimicia, she’s a Metaverse Architect building in Monaverse. Archimicia is the name of her project which is focused on Metaverse Architecture & Furniture. Her style is very unique mixing soft colours with a touch of minimalism..

Gm station: an open Metaverse free for your imagination

 Today, Marzipan and I are super excited to have a chat with our special guests: Zii and Dpupper from Protoworld an open Metaverse free for our imagination.

Zii is the founder of Protoworld, he’s also an artist and a developer. Dpupper does programming for interactive installation, and is also an artist.

Both of them believe that the core value of the Metaverse is is to 'create' and 'connect'. The Metaverse should transcend and escape the limitations of the physical world - not inherit them. Welcome to the digital native Metaverse.

Gm station: Joyce Von Doehlen and phygital fashion

Today, Marzipan and I are super excited to have a chat with our special guest: Joyce von Doehlen, a Web 3 Advocate, Reddit creator, Fashion Designer & DJ. Joyce is also a Podcast Host at New Forum and she’s working on her own fashion project in web3: re-joice studio which is a space to share creative ideas.


Gm station: Marine Bléhaut and video collages

Today, Marzipan and I are super excited to have a chat with our special guest: Marine Bléhaut, a French artist part of Art From Future community. Marine’s works revolve mainly around drawings and video collages of the intimate visions of human beings. Marine Bléhaut started her NFT journey in November 2021 on the Tezos blockchain, and has found many collectors online since then.An absolute must for artists who are interested in starting their own journey into Web3.

Gm station: Paola Pinna and 3D art

Today, Marzipan, Sisslug and I had the chance to talk with Paola Pinna, a 3D artist from Italy. She's also the founder of the Paola Pinna Studio where she collaborates with big brands such as Vogue, Warner Bros Music, and many others. Influenced by new technologies, futuristic landscapes and feminine representation, Paola Pinna sees art like an expression of herself. She likes to play with identity, and she uses herself as her own muse. Paola is also co-creating the project Metaeden with @floontzie. Metaeden is an interactive 1/1 NFT series minted on SuperRare. It's divided in seven episodes and will later become a video game.


Gm station: Annelise Stern and art performers

Let's be honest, art performers often work for free... and NFTs are a way for them to enter the art market as they make it possible to imagine a new way of paying art performers. In fact, Annelise Stern bought her first art performances on the Tezos blockchain, and she was able to pay art performers during the exhibition she organized in Paris: Meduse Hack. Also did we mention that Marina Abramovic, the pioneer of performance as a visual art form, is having her first NFT project on the Tezos blockchain? Founder of Art Girls, Annelise Stern has been working for more than 2 years on the issue of the visibility of women artists in the art industry. She's also a collector of art NFTs since 2021, and collects works made 100% by women artists. Nowadays she focuses on bringing women artists and art performers into web3.