NextGen art collector: Helene Auramo

NextGen art collector: Helene Auramo

Helene Auramo, Founder of Prönö I Business & Art

Picture of Helene Auramo - Credit: Jasmin Mishima

For the past few years, Finland has gained a global visibility. The small country located next to Sweden is not only known for its wonderful nature and Saunas, it also has the best education system in the world, and this year again Finland topped the annual Happiness report. But the country grabbed the attention of the entire world when Sanna Marin, a Millennial woman raised in a same sex-family, was elected as Finland’s prime minister, making her the youngest in the world!

Welcome to the Finnish Dream.

Founder, mother and visionary, meet Helene Auramo, a successful woman entrepreneur from Finland who co-founded multiple companies with one goal in mind: helping others reach their highest potential.

For Helene, buying art shouldn’t just be seen as a financial investment, but as a way to reflect one's personality and to bring inspiration into our daily life. The young entrepreneur buys art regularly and loves to have art pieces in each room of her house and office. Having art on the walls is a way for Helene Auramo to be inspired on a daily basis and to bring real value to her life.

There's actually several research studies around the topic of the benefits of viewing art and the importance of having it at home. Here are some key findings: according to several scientific studies conducted by Nord-Tronlarg Health Study, the University of Arkansas and Professor Semir Zeki, art can really help improve life satisfaction. For example, Koenraad Cuypers, a researcher in the department of public health and general practice at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, discovered that viewing art on a daily basis and participating in cultural activities correlated with good health, satisfaction with life, low anxiety and low depression in both men and women.

The interview

Helene Auramo Art From Future
Picture of Helene Auramo - Credit: Federico Cabrera

Helene, could you start by telling me about yourself and about your career in the startup world?

I’m a 38-year-old mother of a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old, and a wife. I’m from Finland and currently living in an old wooden house in Kangasala next to a beautiful lake and an old forest. 

I co-founded the Slush startup event, the first Finnish blogger platform in Finland (Indiedays), the first social media agency in Finland (Zipipop) and now the first human business platform Prönö (, which I founded to help people and organizations find each other in a better, more humane way. Prönö is the first humane business platform.  

 Prönö's brand on Instagram


When exactly did you start your entrepreneurial career?

I started in my 20s. Since then, I have sold some companies and changed paths, but my career has been focused on the interaction between communities, Internet & social media platforms, as well as entrepreneurship. I have always felt a passion to help entrepreneurs - and I don’t just mean founders of startups or growth companies. I want to help artists, builders, makers, people with dreams and visions and especially those who want to change the world.

Helene Auramo Prönö


I find your Instagram feed very inspiring. It’s a combination of your family life, your success as a woman in business, and I love that you share your art collection. How does art influence your life?

Thank you. :) 

Art gives me joy and inspiration, and so do my children. If I’m stressed, art helps me. If I feel like I need to do something creative but I don’t know what exactly it is that I want to do - going to art galleries can help. I think that if I didn’t have art in my life, I would feel miserable. 

Could you tell me more about your art collection and what made you decide to buy these artworks?

Actually, I haven't thought of myself as an art collector. I buy art to feed my soul and mind. I want to have art in each of the rooms in our house to feel inspired on a daily basis. Art reflects my personality and helps me understand myself better. It also creates a more creative environment in our house, which I love. 

Art is something that speaks the language of creativity that everyone has inside of them. Art can help me find that link to my creativeness. 

Which artists have you discovered lately?

I try to find Finnish art that can connect me to the current state of being in Finland, so that later I can link myself back to this era. 

My favorite Finnish artist right now is Manuela Bosco. Her artworks inspire me a lot. 

But at the moment, I’m also very interested in art by Karoliina Hellberg (@karohellberg), Linda Linko (@lindalinko) and Valtteri Kivelä (@valtteri5000).

Picture: Helene Auramo's home, art by Manuela Bosco, " Following Guidance", 145x145 acrylic on canvas
Picture: Helene Auramo's home, art by Laura Annala "La-la-land'

 Tuomas Renval Helene Auramo Art From Future

Art by Tuomas Renvall

Do you have any tips for young women who want to buy their first original artwork?

Try to find pieces that inspire you and that you can connect with. I think it is not about adding value as a financial investment, but about adding value to your life. What is the price for that? 

As an example, I paint with my children almost every day. We have Manuela Bosco’s painting on the wall, and I can clearly see how it inspires them. They aren't trying to make everything look 100% real. Instead, they accept the style of their own artworks because they can see that Manuela's art, a critically acclaimed visual artist, doesn’t look that real - and it is clearly beautiful to their eyes too. 


1- Uuno's art - 4 years old (notice the heart in his shirt)

2- Woman by Mila - 6 years old

3 Women with feather, by Mila - 6 years old

What is your biggest dream?

Help as many people as possible find their entrepreneurial soul in order to co-create a better and more humane world with other people. Simply put, I want to help people achieve their dreams of helping humankind. 

And finally, what’s your favorite artwork on Art From Future?

"Hunters series, Valleys" by Hélène Amrouche, I love the feeling of this artwork.

Hélène Amrouche Art from Future Helene Auramo


Thank you so much Helene <3


Jessica Soueidi Helene Auramo Prönö
This art piece was commissioned by Helene Auramo for their office - and made by Jessica Soueidi (me)
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