NFTs are shaking up the art world!

NFTs are shaking up the art world!

#FARAH: an artist to look out for in 2022

Last year, we organized our first ever digi-physical NFT exhibition with French artist FARAH, “Kill your ego”. Many of her physical and digital artworks were exhibited inside the Metaverse, and some were sold as physical art.

We are thrilled to have recently acquired some of FARAH’s very affordable NFTs:

  •  “#BLM” - an edition of 10 - for 1.5 Tezos (approx. 6€)






  • “Truth” - an edition of 100 - for 0.2 Tezos (approx. 0.80€)







YOU can make a change!

By selling affordable NFT editions, together with FARAH we are hoping to democratize the art market and help you acquire your first NFTs.

NFTs are re-inventing the way we purchase art and support artists. If we collectively participate in acquiring editions of an artists' work, we can support their practice and help them live off their art. 

How can you buy NFTs on the Tezos blockchain and support young artists like FARAH?

👉🏼 book a 1/1 coaching with us.


There are things you should know before diving into the NFT space. So take a look at these points:

#Cold wallet vs Hot wallet

Just like in the physical world, digital wallets were created to store your digital assets, including your NFTs.

There are two types of wallets:

  • Hot wallets are connected to the Internet, and therefore are not 100% secure because it’s easier to hack than a cold wallet. 

→ Hot wallets are easier to use on a daily basis. Example of hot wallets: MetaMask, Kukaiapp.

  • Cold wallets are usually quite secure because they're not connected to the Internet. In order to hack a cold wallet, you’d need to possess it physically + the passwords that must be used to access the assets. Note that if a person finds your Seed phrase (or password) they might also be able to hack your account without necessarily possessing your physical ledger.

Example of cold wallets: Ledger (get it via their official website).

→ What’s the best option? The best option is to have a combination of both a cold and hot wallet.


#What is Floor price?

The floor price refers to the lowest price, rather than the average price, at which an NFT can be bought. 

#How to find an NFT project early?

It’s hard to tell. 

→ Our recommendation is to stay active on Twitter and follow accounts that are sharing new projects. If a project catches your attention, then jump in their Discord and try to become an active member of the community.

We will be sharing our favourite ones via our Twitter and Discord


#NFT types

NFTs can be linked to many different types of things, not just Art or Collectibles. And you know what? We still haven’t figured out all the possibilities?! 😂😅

👉🏼 Here’s an overview of the different non-fungible token variants:

  • Collectibles
  • Artworks
  • Music
  • Event tickets
  • Virtual lands
  • Gaming

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