Lala Drona: Escape, a performance and 1/1 NFT project.

Lala Drona: Escape, a performance and 1/1 NFT project.

ESCAPE by Lala Drona

Art From Future is proud to announce that painter and video artist Lala Drona, will drop a 1/1 NFT accompanying her performance art video premiering on February 15th! 

Lala Drona’s performance art video Escape explores the healing power of nature after enduring a lifetime in an unconventional feminine body. The artist was born with a unilateral breast agenesis, meaning her left breast never developed while the right breast developed into a full c-cup. Starting from age 16, she underwent several reconstructive surgeries to find symmetry.  17 years later, she recently underwent surgery to remove the breast implant, in her words “choosing freedom over societal standards of beauty.”

 In this performative art film, the artist uses nature and her body to heal herself.  She invites the viewer in to share the experience and journey of defining beauty through her own gaze.   

The premiere of the performance art video takes place online on February 15th at 8am CET, and will be available for only one day.  The link can be found on her instagram stories on February 15th.  The 1/1 NFT will also drop at the same time, so keep an eye out to be the only one to collect this unique digital art piece!


(click HERE or on the image below to see the NFT)


Lala Drona (b. 1988) is a Venezuelan-American painter and video artist, born in Denver, Colorado. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, Lala Drona has since published and exhibited her work internationally.  Most recently, her videos and paintings exploring digital spaces and the female gaze, were shown at the Cite des Arts de Paris.  Her paintings, videos, and writing explore "alternate realities" and "women in the digital world.”  The totality of her artwork contributes to, and exists within a fictional universe and mythology established online and then recontextualized in the physical world through paint on canvas, performance, and sculpture. She is based in Paris, France.


Instagram: @dronalala


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