Don't make this NFT mistake

Don't make this NFT mistake

Hey Art From Future Family, we’re here to tell you to not make this NFT MISTAKE!

#The mistake? WAITING! 

Yes, waiting to get in the NFT space.

So get in right NOW while it’s still early. If you wait too long, it’s going to be too late. 

Of course, it’s not easy to adapt to big changes. Sometimes it can lead us to start feeling scared. And that’s normal.

But WEB3 is shaping the future of all our industries and soon it’s going to be the new normal. 

How can you enter the NFT space?  

For example, it can be as a collector, as an artist or both.

What do you need?

A crypto exchange account such as Coinbase to buy crypto.

A crypto wallet to store your NFTs. Check-out our Minting Starter-Pack on Instagram.

Okay… we know that it might sound complicated. But we are here to help!

→ Don’t waste any more time and book your coaching session with us now!

Yes, we are currently offering 1/1 coaching sessions for artists wanting to start their NFT journey. Book your spot HERE.


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#What is web3?

WEB3 is simply an advancement of our current Internet.

→ Web1 was read-only without any real interactivity with sites like MySpace for example.

→ Web2 sites became interactive with blogs, social media and search tools. The problem with WEB2 is that it’s controlled by Big companies such as Google, FaceBook and so on. 

Basically, when you’re creating content on social media you’re renting a space from these companies to show your content, and therefore it doesn’t belong to you. 

Remember when Instagram shut down for a day or two during last year? You couldn’t access your content anymore. Not cool.

→ Well Web3 is the solution. It’s decentralised (on the Blockchain) which means that information is not stored on a central location, instead the blockchain is copied and spread across a network of computers. Web3 gives power to the community. Instead of big corporations controlling the Internet, the community controls what they see and owns what they create. 

#You don’t need to be rich to buy NFTs

Don’t believe me? Well I just bought an NFT by Paris Hilton for 11,11$. 

Even cooler, collectors of this NFT will be entered into a drawing for the possibility to win one of hundreds of different bonus prizes, including the chance to meet Paris in person in LA. 

The sale ends in 3 days. To apply you will need to log in to with your MetaMask wallet and add a valid email. Purchase "My forever fairytale" NFT by credit card or Ethereum.

#NFT words you NEED to know - part 1

→ GM/GN: good-morning / good-night

→ WAGMI/NGMI: we all gonna make it / not gonna make it

→ DYOR: do your own research

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P.S: we created an amazing community of artists, collectors, curious-minds and builders on Discord. Join us HERE. (the invitation expired in 7 days. Be quick.)

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