Art From Future presents: "Kill Your Ego"

Art From Future presents: "Kill Your Ego"

Farah kill your ego art from future online exhibition

FARAH, LØVE ME BLUE, 2021, digital art printed on Hahnemühle paper, 50x70 cm, will be sold as a limited-edition print & NFT 


Helsinki-based startup Art From Future launches its first online exhibition making the world of NFTs accessible to young novice buyers.

The exhibition will take place from October 22nd to November 7th 2021 through the Art From Future website. It will present Kill your ego, a series by French artist FARAH composed of physical artworks and NFTs. Through this event, Art From Future aims to bridge the gap between the digital art world and nextgen novice buyers. 

NFTs are minted through on the Polygon chain, which is a more eco-friendly choice then Ethereum. It is gas-free, which means users can buy NFTs without paying transaction fees. The NFT purchasing process is thoroughly explained to the audience prior to the event via Instagram and Art From Future’s Newsletter. Physical artworks are sold via Art From Future’s marketplace. 

Bold, punchy and confrontational, FARAH’s new series ‘Kill Your Ego’ of works in acrylic, charcoal and ink, prints and NFTs, is a reflection on the concept of ego death and our relationships with the ego in society and mythology. FARAH’s work revolves around what the death of ego means. So while the works are softened by looping typography and dripping lines, they hint at complex underlying topics.”

Catriona Gilmore, Art advisor.


Farah artist from future artist kill your ego

FARAH at her studio in France


A startup founded by an artist for artists

The startup supported by Kiuas accelerator in Finland is on a mission to connect Millennials & GenZs with early-stage artists. It was founded by a young French entrepreneur, Jessica Soueidi, who has a background in visual arts and Cultural Management. 

“After receiving my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2015, I was invited to participate in several internationally renowned exhibitions and residencies such as the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, the artist residency founded by the Swiss group Swatch. But I quickly realized that the art market is extremely exclusive and closed. Generation Y & Z are so disconnected from the physical artworld. And young artists struggle to make a living from their art because they don’t know how to market themselves online."

Jessica Soueidi


More information

Art From Future positions itself as the premier career accelerator for young artists. More than a marketplace, their mission is to build services for artists at the beginning of their careers to help them connect with their potential customers online. 

Contact: Jessica Soueidi, Founder & CEO at Art From Future


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