Participate in Art From Future's NFT drops

Participate in Art From Future's NFT drops


On Friday 22nd October, we will have our first-ever NFT drop with French artist FARAH.

The NFTs will be minted via on the Polygon chain. Buying NFTs via Polygon is interesting because you don't need to pay any transaction fees (or gas fee).

There will be limited supply of NFTs, so we highly recommend you to SET UP everything in advance - and attend the event as soon as it's live.

In order to do so, you will need to:

  1. Set up a MetaMask Wallet
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to
  3. Connect to the MATIC (Polygon) network via your MetaMask wallet
  4. Add Funds via the MoonPay app

It's super easy. The process will take about 20 minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Download MetaMask, the crypto wallet

You can download it as an app via your phone, or add it as a Chrome extension on your computer HERE.

  • Save your SEED phrase  on a piece of paper, if you lose it - you lose everything. Your tokens (NFTs) will be stored in this wallet)


2. Connect MetaMask to

Go to


3. Set up Polygon in your MetaMask wallet

a) Via Chrome extension

Go to Metamask Networks, and add Custom RPC: MATIC MAINNET. 

Check this Link to set it up

Choose Custom RPC in your wallet and COPY PASTE this in the missing info:




b) Via the MetaMask phone app


Just fill in the blanks with the info mentioned above.


4) Add funds on via the MoonPay app

Don't wait for the last minute to add funds. When creating your MoonPay account, you'll have to add some personal info and you'l receive a confirmation email. This will take a few minutes.

Check that your MetaMask wallet is connected to

Go to:

  1. My wallet
  2. Add funds
  3. Buy with card
  4. Select ETH Ethereum (Polygon)
  5. Buy ETH (Polygon) - we advise you to buy at least 50€


Congratulations! You DID it! You're ready to buy your first NFTS, or not <3


5. Download POAP app

POAPs or Proof Of Attendance Protocol allow you to record your life experiences via Blockchain. Each POAP is an NFT.

In order to get your POAP badge for the KILL YOUR EGO exhibition you will need to:

  1. Download the POAP app on your phone
  2. Link it to your Ethereum address (you can find it in your MetaMask wallet)
  3. Click on CLAIM YOUR POAP via the event page and follow the instructions

Find out more about POAP HERE. 



When buying NFTs, we highly advise you to buy what you like or to buy because you want to support an artist you believe in. 


Having problems contact us here:






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