Art influencer: meet Marie-Odile Falais

Art influencer: meet Marie-Odile Falais

Marie-Odile Falais imagine_moi Art From Future

Credit: picture of Marie-Odile by Vincent Rola

Marie could you start by telling me about yourself and your Instagram account @imagine_moi. How did the idea first come to you?

Hi ! I am half-French, half-Brazilian, I trade Business School in Montreal for Art History at la Sorbonne in Paris. I got my Master Degree and as I started my professional career I thought that Social Media could be a nice business card, since my parents are not from the Art World, I’m the daughter of a scientist and a former police officer (my mom).


Marie-Odile Falais imagine_moi Art From Future

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Recently, you quit your job in a Parisian art gallery to fully concentrate on being a content creator in the art industry. We talked about your Instagram account, but could you tell us about your TikTok and your experience on being a Podcaster?

Well, I’m still learning about TikTok, I studied how the app works and now I’m trying new things because it’s a huge field to explore to share Art and Culture with people. Regarding the Podcast, I started a few months ago. It allows me to go deeper in topics that I find interesting and I share my findings with this podcast, in French and in english, but I haven’t really thought about promoting it, yet heheh.

You were labelled as an official “art influencer” by Beaux-arts Magazine a couple of days ago. At what point did you realize this could be your full time job?

I still don’t realize because I decided to take a leap of faith not so long ago and it’s a little bit difficult when you never studied auto-entrepreneurship, but I might be able to answer this in a few months, I HOPE SO !

It’s obvious that you’re a very active and passionate art influencer. How long does it take you to produce a video for Instagram and to record a Podcast? 

Hum it depends on the type of the video but I usually batch the required tasks to create a video, I would spend 

  • between half a day or less on writing 
  • 2-3 hours to shoot the videos or more if it’s a longer video
  • Half a day or an entire day to edit them
  • 2 hours (maybe ?) to edit the captions

For podcast episodes, I spend

  • Half a day on research 
  • 1 day for writing it in English and French (7-9 pages each)
  • 1h-1h30 to record 7-9 pages - one episode
  • 1h10 - 1h30 to edit an episode 
  • 10 minutes to program, caption, schedule an episode

13K Followers - that must be a lot of work. What’s a typical day of work like for you? 

Huuuuuum, it’s ok my phone is not exploding with notifications YET (lol), but it’s also because I deactivated the notifications :) . I don’t have a typical day, in the specific tasks but more in type of activity and then organizing my week regarding: 

  • 1) what I have to do / meeting 
  • 2) what I need to do regarding it  
  • 3) what I want to achieve.

I love the fact that your content is fun and very accessible. You avoid “complicated” art captions, and this is very new for the art industry. I’m curious to know about your target audience.

I want to be accessible but without simplification and staying sharp. It’s why humour is a way of having 2 levels of understanding, Art Historian private jokes and sharing stories, information, culture with non Art-amateurs / expert people. So, for my target audience I take my boyfriend as a guinea pig and my Art Historian friends :D`

imagine_moi Art From Future   imagine_moi Art From Futureimagine_moi Art From Future   imagine_moi Art From Future

You’re also a “small art collector”. Could you show me your art collection?

Hehe Not everything because I still want to keep joker content in my hand hehehe, but some of it yes :

Stephanie Macaigne (4)

Laurence De Valmy (2)

Bulle Derouette (1)

Thibault Leveque (3)

Many younger people are still very intimidated by the art industry. Art From Future wants to make art buying a cool experience for Millenials and GenZ. What advice would you give young women who would like to start buying original art?

My advice would be: Do it, who knows you might buy the next Yayoi Kusama, Louise Bourgeois, Kehinde Wiley or Banksy if you want to start...well depending on your budget.

Small budget : start with an art that stirs your emotion, an artist you feel close to, or that fits your interior, who are we to judge ? A young artist, because they need the clients and because it’s really unlikely you’ll lose money. The budget could even be a part of what you spend on clothes, things you don’t need … 

Medium Budget : like small budget, oooooor invest in higher prices and fewer pieces, from installed galleries who are representing young artists.

Unlimited budget : well, know that I aspire to have an unlimited budget.

What are your plans for the future?

Keep doing what I do, and closing collaboration deals ! 

Finally, what is your favorite artwork on Art From Future?

Hélène Amrouche • Sibylle GoldetAnne Derivière

Thank you so much Marie-Odile

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