What is Discord?

What is Discord?

What is Discord?

Simply put, Discord is the most used communication platform in the WEB3 space.

And we invite you to jump in our DISCORD server right now! 

Usually people will join what we call a Discord server to interact with a specific community. Some Discord servers are private and others are open to everyone.

Most of them have Rules, and people who don’t comply with those rules will get banned from the server.

Just like the WEB3 space, Discord servers aim to be inclusive and friendly to WEB3-natives as well as non-WEB3 natives.

Why do people use Discord?

People use Discord daily to interact and discuss specific topics. Each Discord server has a mission: it can be building a community around an NFT project, creating a make-up line for the Metaverse with the Crypto Besties or building a community of WEB3 entrepreneurs… The possibilities are endless.

The Art From Future Discord Server is focused on educating artists from around the world about new tech benefits in WEB3 such as NFTs and the Metaverse, and helping them launch their NFT projects in the space.

The Art From Future Discord is open to everyone: artists, collectors, builders, newbies, curious-minds and so on! 

How to start on Discord?

  1. Join our Discord on your phone and/or Laptop.
  2. Create an account with a username and email address
  3. Start interacting with the community
Art from Future discord server

Dangers of Discord!

Be careful there are many scammers on Discord! They usually send people Private messages to say that they won some crypto or a whitelist spot for an NFT project.

Those are always SCAMS! Don’t give them any of your information and NEVER share your SEED PHRASE with anybody.

How to avoid SCAMS?

Close your DM’s from each server:

→ Click on the three dots on the top right of the server and turn down the button Allow DMs.

Now that you created an account on Discord, we hope to see you in our Art From Future Server

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