How to buy the Meta Dreams NFTs?

How to buy the Meta Dreams NFTs?

Meta Dreams is an exhibition co-organised by 16 internet artists, curators and influencers. The NFTs will be minted on the marketplace Objkt on Friday 17th and they will be exhibited inside the Metaverse The exhibition will be open until July 1st.

Here's a list of the participants:

Martha Parma, PopeyePuzzle, JessyJeanne, Megan Laurent, Anne Gade, Marzipan Physics, Eclairciie, Mélissa Martinez, Marine Bléhaut, Catherine Le Floch, Lana Duval, Alohareira, Lyse (Innover dans le monde de l'art), Chiara Gesualdo, Annelise Stern, Estefania Puente

Meta Dreams Tez Art From Future exhibition


How to buy the Meta Dreams NFTs: a step-by-step guide

To buy one NFT from the Meta Dreams online exhibition you will need:

  1. a Tezos Wallet
  2. a Coinbase account
  3. 15 Tez (20€) in your wallet (to cover gas fee)
  4. If you don't have a Tezos wallet you can follow the instructions below

The buying process

1. Set up a Tezos wallet

To buy the Meta Dreams NFTs you can use a Kukai wallet. Just follow these few steps:

  • From your Chrome browser head to
  • Click on Create New Wallet
  • Write the Seed phrase on a piece of paper (and never lose it/never share it to anyone)
  • Follow the Seed phrase verification steps
  • Create a password

You made it congratulations!

Read our Tezos guide for more detailed information

2. Buy Tez (XTZ) on a cryptocurrency exchange platform such as Coinbase

You will need to buy approximately 25€ worth of Tez to buy one NFT from the Meta Dreams exhibition.

Each NFT costs 12 Tez (approx.16€). The reason you will need to purchase about 25€ worth for Tez is because Coinbase takes a commission on each transaction and transfer, and buying an NFT costs gas fee. So you will need extra money in your wallet to cover these small costs.

If you are planning to buy more than one NFT, you will need to consider buying more Tez.

3. Send Tez from your Coinbase account to your Kukai wallet

  • Head to your Kukai wallet via your Chrome browser and copy your public address (it starts by Tz.....)
  • From your Coinbase account, look for send/receive 
  • Paste your Tezos public address in the recipient section
  • Click send

4. Now you can buy your NFT

meta dreams exhibition

1. Sync your Kukai wallet to the marketplace

  • Head to the Meta Dreams' collection page 
  • Sync your wallet to the marketplace by clicking on "Sync" at the top right corner
  • Choose Kukai wallet and click on it
  • Approve the transaction on your Kukai Wallet
  • Type your password and you're connected to the marketplace 

2. Buy the artwork 

  • Click on the art you would like to buy
  • Click on "Buy for 12 Tez" on the right, in the details section
  • Go back to your Kukai wallet and confirm the transaction

Congratulations you bought the NFT. Wait a few minutes and you will find your purchase in the Owned section

Collectors perks

Each collector of a Meta Dreams NFT will receive an airdrop (free NFT) which is a collaborative artwork made by the artists of the Meta Dreams exhibition, and will get access to voting rights for the next exhibition.


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