Borderless exhibition: a selection of artists by JessyJeanne

Borderless exhibition: a selection of artists by JessyJeanne

Borderless is the second decentralized Metaverse exhibition powered by Art From Future in partnership with Protoworld

0 limits. 0 borders. 0 rules  

Borderless is an exhibition where creators get to build their exhibition collaboratively inside of Protoworld, a Metaverse free for your imagination. 

26 artists. 5 curators. Collaborative building.

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Marzipan Physics, Marzipan Infinity Pool, Available here


Hey Marzipan Physics, can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Marzipan Physics, a visual artist & designer based in NYC. My purpose is to combine perceptions of reality with my thoughts, memories and imagination to create images, forms & experiences in various media that are united by a distinctive, singular creative vision.

What influences your work?

I’m inspired by all forms of culture—high, low & everything in between—and my work mixes up influences and references including classical painting, scifi, logo, graphic & textile design, animé, toys, art deco, pop art, fashion, physics, & subcultures…& the list keeps growing.

What does Borderless mean to you?

The theme of borderless means many things to me…creativity without limits; the ability to connect and collaborate with others across the globe; the interconnectedness of all life and consciousness. My piece was inspired by the peaceful feeling of floating in borderless expanses of water.


Ethel Lilienfeld, Self-care, Available here

Hey Ethel, can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Ethel Lilienfeld, I’m a French a French visual artist and a filmmaker living in Brussels. I am currently being produced at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains (FR). Whether it be photography, sculptures, installations or moving images, my work investigates our evolving, distorted relationship with our own bodies.

What influences your work?

Technological advances engage us fully in the experience of the virtual body. I am interested in its growing impact on everyday life. My work is questioning societal norms, aesthetic standards, notion of identity or gender. I create strange images that exacerbate the tension between fantasy and madness. 

What does Borderless mean to you?

It is something that goes beyond any wall, whether physical or virtual. The evolution of social networks has allowed this openness, which is fantastic! But it has also standardized practices, habits and aesthetics, creating a different relationship that we have with our own image.


Ugo, Il est minuit (screenshot of a video), Available here

Hey Ugo, can you tell us about yourself?

I am an artist who practices digital art, mostly in 3D with new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. My work can be related to naive art because I have never had an artistic education. It is colorful, with a particular aesthetic that does not use perfect geometries. I like to see my subjects twisted, full of flaws and dented.

What influences your work?

My influences are : Biga*Ranx (painted artwork), Jimmy Edgar, Ranxdeer, Fvckrender, American cartoons, Pixar animations... 

What does Borderless mean to you?

The current artistic period in which I participate is entirely in this theme. We will find artists/collectors who are anywhere on the globe and it does not matter at all because we can interact in the same way as if we were in the same city.

This is borderless and I love that.



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